Albumen Rising

Albumen Rising (2010) video 1:52s

A short experimental film exploring the raw yolk as a metaphor and a metonym for the universe. The cosmic egg is a mythological motif reoccurring throughout the creation myths of many cultures and civilisations. Representing the beginning of the universe, the mythical egg often splits into two halves representing ‘heaven’ and ‘earth’ or an elemental being hatches from within.

The movement of the yolk across the body hides a delicate dialogue, the many egg deaths/transformations from fragility, concealed to support the belief in the eternal egg. The yolk’s transient journey represents our lives relative to the life of the universe, each yolk has a transient existence of a few seconds. This constrict of time was an unforeseen contributing factor which inspired the ensuing extension of the ‘golden womb’ and ultimately shaped the work.


Screened at Spill Festival of Performance, Barbican Centre (2011)

Featured in Richardson online magazine (2010)