TEFFRADOT opera walk

Teffradot Press Image


‘A digital opera walk’

Concept, libretto and composition by Rebecca Horrox

Commissioned by Soundlands. Available 18th July -30th August 2015



A new contemporary opera set in motion by a walking audience in the mountains of Eryri (Snowdonia), relays a modern myth set around Lyn Idwal, the lake at the bottom of a glacial valley. Through song, eight characters, Sundew & Butterwort, Ceffyl Dwr, Voice, Dragon, Prince, Rock, Pen-Bele God of Death and the Teffradot emerge from the water, ice, rock, flora and fauna voicing stories of shape-shifters, immortals from the other-world, the eternal and ephemeral beings of Cwm Idwal. Traditional welsh melodies are cut-up, rearranged and transformed, echoing the scarred, shattered rock face. Instruments of a bygone era side by side with new, join eight voices to echo in the mountain, to symbolise a state of pure eternity.


Commissioned by Soundlands, Bangor.  Download Interzone Theatre App. available for android and iPhone. Those without smart-phones, send a request, contact me here.


Listen to excerpts here:





Ebe Oke, excerpts from Teffradot, Wet Sounds, London



La Horrox, Steffan Hughes and Tor Marrock. Costume by Amechi Ihenacho



Ceri Rhys Matthews



Tor Marrock

Photographs by Clydesdale and Amando.


CASTAngharad Davies – Ceffyl DwrCeri Rhys Matthews – Silver Dragon & The Voice (Welsh)Ebe Oke – The Voice (English)

Julie Murphy – Sundew and Butterwort

Meilir Jones – Rock

Sianed Jones – Teffradot

Steffan Rhys Hughes – Prince

Tor Marrock – Pen Bele, God of Death


MUSICIANS:Alon Malka – Harmonium, piano.

Ceri Rhys Matthews– Flute, pibgorn, Welsh bagpipes, sruti and acoustic guitar.

Gwen Mairi – Harp.

Michael York – Border pipes, smallpipes and duduk.

Rebecca Horrox – Electronics and field recordings



Angharad Davies is a violinist, one at ease in both improvising and composition, with a wide discography as part of varied range of ensembles and groups. She’s a specialist in the art of ‘preparing’ her violin, adding objects or materials to it to extend its sound making properties. Her sensitivity to the sonic possibilities of musical situations and attentiveness to their shape and direction make her one of contemporary music’s most fascinating figures.

2015 has seen her being commissioned for a new work at the Counterflows Festival, Glasgow and premiering Eliane Radigue’s new solo for violin, Occam XXII at the El Nicho Festival, Mexico. She’s played live with Tony Conrad in the Turbine Room at the Tate Modern, performed at, the Queen Elizabeth Hall, BBC Proms, Music We’d Like to Hear’s concert series, is an associate artist at Cafe Oto, is a member of Apartment House, Cranc and Common Objects, been artist in residence at Q-02 , and she’s released records on Absinth Records, Another Timbre, Potlatch and Confrontrecords.

Ebe Oke was born and raised on a farm in the US American deep South, the poet and composer Oke has created a personal blend of mysticism. A former student of Karlheinz Stockhausen, he is familiar with the mechanisms of so-called “classical” music of the twentieth century, sonic formulas and tropes he carefully translates into his ”pop” compositions. He has collaborated and performed with Brian Eno, and headlined at The Kitchen for Synth Nights, curated by Laurie Anderson.

Ceri Rhys Matthews is a folk musician of sorts. He plays traditional and newly created dance melodies and song airs from south and west Wales. He plays the wooden concert flute, pibgorn & bagpipes, and guitar. He sings traditional songs in Welsh and English. He has produced over 25 CDs for Fflach, Tradd records, Smithsonian Folkways, World Music Network, and independent musicians and labels. He plays music with Christine Cooper, jazz quintet Burum, dance band The Gower Allstars and the band he founded in 1995, Fernhill.

Joel Cahen is based in London and with a background in sound design and music for stage and screen productions as well as new media, my current interests interrogate the affect of sound in various spaces (physical, cultural and the body). Since 2008, I have been performing worldwide with Wet Sounds, an underwater concert project that sonifies both wet and dry areas of the swimming pools; Scrap Club, the public Destructivist activity; Cacophonic! a weekly live abstract mash ups on Resonance 104.4fm London; and productions for Interzone Theatre, audio based augmented reality theatre in public spaces. Joel Cahen has co-founded the England registered charity Liquid Vibrations with Adele Drake (Founder of Drake Music) and started underwater listening sessions for children with special needs at Special Schools in the UK. My work has been presented at ISEA, AV Festival, ATP, Helsinki Festival, The Royal Neurological Hospital, and various symposia, music and art festivals worldwide.

Julie Murphy is a Welsh singer who sings in Welsh and English. She sings in the Welsh band Fernhill, as well as performing and recording as a solo artist. She has also collaborated musically with John Cale (performing with him in the film Beautiful Mistake), and Afro Celt Sound System (in a duet with Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin).

Michael J York is a bagpipe player, composer and craftsman dedicated to exploring the rich and varied possibilities of his chosen instrument through an engagement with contemporary sound, from modern composition to electronica and electro-acoustic music. In 2002 he began a sustained and fruitful relationship with the esoteric music group Coil, recording several albums and performing throughout Europe. During this period he also added the duduk to his repertoire. Coil’s drive for new sounds and textures paved the way for a more experimental approach to piping, which has developed further in his work with the electro-acoustic group Cyclobe, with whom he also explores the possibilities of electronic treatment of his sounds. His current musical projects, both solo and with Cyclobe, push the limits of what is possible both as an instrument maker and a performer. Michael J York is a three time prize winner at the Rencontres Internationales de Luthiers et Maitre Sonneurs in central France.

Sianed Jones is an international composer / performer / collaborator that has toured Europe, America, Russia and Mongolia. After an upbringing drenched in the choral and poetic traditions of Wales, Sianed left for a research of vocal techniques, taking her to Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzistan.

Steffan Hughes is a 21 years old tenor from Denbighshire, North Wales. As a boy treble, he was signed to Sain Records at age 10, who produced his album Cana O Dy Galon. He has a rich folk music background, and is also classically trained.  Recently graduated with a First Class Bachelor of Music Degree (Hons) from Cardiff University, Hughes studied with the renowned Soprano, Gail Pearson. During his time there, Hughes received the Sir Geraint Evans prize twice for outstanding vocal performances. In August he won the Lady Herbert Lewis memorial Prize at the National Eisteddfod of Wales, and in Octoer, will be a finalist in the Bryn Terfel Scholarship competition. Hughes’ intention in the near future is to continue with his Vocal studies by applying for a place on a Postgraduate course at a Conservatoire.

Torr Marrock is a Death Metal vocalist for the West Wales Death Metal band, Tor Marrock, a band from the mountains of West Wales. They began in the summer of  2005 releasing a demo entitled ‘Death of Summer’ followed by their debut album ‘A Gothic Romance’ in 2007. Tor Marrock are influenced by the genres of Doom, Death, Black, Gothic and 80’s metal. Creating what they call Cellar Metal 2014 saw the release of the long awaited second album ‘Destroy the Soul’ out now on Swedish label, Black Vulture Records.




Libretto 1 & 2



Libretto 1 & 2
Libretto 1 & 2
Libretto 1 & 2
Libretto 1 & 2
Libretto 1 & 2