Teffradot sound installation at Cwm Idwal Snowdonia, commissioned by Soundlands July 18th 2015.

More information, here.




A Woman’s Work Is Never Done | 08:17

Audio composition to film by visual artist Eliza Bennett, see here.

Exhibited at The National Museum of Art Architecture and Design, Oslo NO – February 21st – May 16th 2015

KODE Art Museums of Bergen NO –October 10th 2014 – January 25th 2015



Umo’s Mantra | 2:52

Excerpt from the performance Umo’s Mantra. Each performer represents a type of sound. Each type of sound is classified under the sections, Man, Possessions, Meditations and The Judgement.

Multi-channel installation produced as part of Contemporary Performance MA, Brunel University 2010.


What I Want You To Know Is | 1:29


Sound composition to What I Want You To Know Is, a solo, by dancer and choreographer Jemima Hoadley.

Previewed as Prelude, at Resolution Festival, 2009, The Place, London, and at Arcola Theatre, 2010.




Rosicrucian Borealis | 07:54

To signify lands and waters of the North Sea, the recording envelops exerts from an original Rosicrucian Record from 1950, field recordings of ice, weddel seals and pistol shrimps.

Presented for Wet Sounds 2009 Scandinavian tour.



Fanny by Gaslight 1944-2008 LaHorrox/Kinski, 1:25s

Commissioned work for 101 Dead Artists compilation, Benji Fox 2009

Klaus Kinski cut up of his recital of Ich bin so wild nach deinem Erdbeermund(I am so wild for your strawberry mouth) written by Paul Zech in 1930, a love ballad poem for a girl named Yssabeau. The poem is part of Zechs book The Vicious Songs and Ballads of François Villon



 Unbound  – X -Sect 3 | 8:49


Unbound – section 1&2 | 18:01

Performance soundtrack from final scene of Playing The Victim, at Unbound, Contemporary Art Platform7