Teffradot opera walk 2015

“A great success of the piece is the way traditional folklore has been cleverly implemented with a modernised approach to sonic art. Each opus is carefully constructed with sonorous instrumentation and narrative delivery. There is a playful mood to the unfolding events, yet the ever-present emotive content gives poise to connecting warmly with the characters. The language, whilst delivered in coded and poetic abstract fashion, weaves mellifluously through a compelling avenue of storytelling.”

Dan Lynn-Pearl

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cwm idwal Press Image

“I wonder if I’m going to feel somewhat removed from the experience of the place itself, but actually the headphones mean that Dan and I mostly don’t talk and can just absorb mountains, light and lake, all augmented by gorgeous, haunting music. Teffradot opera and libretto are composed with sounds and rhythms derived from Welsh folk songs and it’s as if we’re been given a key, through our contemporary devices, to voices and music which are an inherent, ancient part of the landscape. Rebecca has uncovered the mysticism of the place itself but this only works because it also sounds contemporary, evolving and not cliché. A modern-day reawakening of age-old welsh mythology. I listen in Welsh, Dan in English. Poetry and theatre merges with theatre of the landscape, space and detail of the music echoing both the raw macro of the land around us and the vivid minutiae of small plant life and rocks.”

Rose Lynn Pearl

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