The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense (2010)

A solo performance playing with language deconstruction, concrete poetry and the interchange ability of signs to accompany the re-appropriation of prop and character. Transposed through the literary source of Konrad Bayer’s, metatheatrical text, The Sixth Sense,  it is a theatrical exploration of metaphysics of the word – a Baroque theatre of language, and also a meditation upon and practical inquiry into the lighthouse and its effects, physical and psychic.

Syntax, rhyme, adjective, noun, simile, metaphor and synecdoche appear and then reappear exchanged, as an arbitrary jumble; time and identity are scrambled in a series of elaborately interwoven tableaux vivants briefly illuminated in the darkness, by the flash of white light from a large rotating eye. Populated by characters who have, or have and lose, or do not have and gain, or simply do not have, the sixth sense. Those with the sixth sense are suffering from a case of internal combustion, skin and eyes cracking, fevers reaching 120 degrees, this however does not stop them from appearing throughout.



sixth sense still