Here is quest song, written by Rebecca Horrox for Conny Prantera’s the moonseer. Performed by Lani Rocillo, Rebecca Horrox, Agathe Max and Tom Fug.  Next show is Super Sonic Festival June 17th.






Soundlands made a new promo film for Teffradot opera walk… 




Teffradot – Opera Walk | Rebecca Horrox from Datrys on Vimeo.




the well\



Congratulations to Moonseer showing in Birmingham Supersonic Festival 17th/18th June

& Manchester Fat Out Festival 17th April 2017

London date tbc 16th/17th July

Brought to you by Anastasia Freygang, Eliza Bennet, Agathe Max, Lani Rocillo, Rebecca Horrox, Conny Prantera and Burl, in collaboration with Supersonic Festival.







the well\


Light and sound installation at The Well Oslo Norway as associate artist for Wet Sounds.




8th AUGUST 2016


the well


Moon Seer debut at Supernormal, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire
Live visual and music performance uniting a group of musicians envisaged by artist and illustrator Conny Prantera, part of the series including Moon Ra and Moon Rose.

Composition by Rebecca Horrox




3-5th JUNE 2016





Presenting the first in a series of Sand Paintings and a collection of films.

Open Studios at Euroart Studios

Opening 6-9pm Friday 3rd June, Sat 2-5pm & Sun 2-5pm.
Gaunson House, Markfield Rd, N15 4QQ






7TH MARCH 2016 8pm –  Teffradot opera is featured in this month’s Sonic Darts ‘Mythology’ show on Resonance 104.4FM






ZWEC Spine


Playing electronics and voice as part of Theory Samidare Oranges at Honey Moon, Hackney Rd..






MARCH 6TH 2016


the voice for web
Gongs and electronically manipulated birdsong, with Lani Rocillo at Wet Sounds, Kentish Town Leisure Centre








KairoChronos from Anat Ben-David on Vimeo.


Singing with Anat Ben Davies on her new project OpeRaArT KaiRos at Stanley Picker Gallery. (image Anat Ben-David)






SDNA Wet Sounds 2014

NTS Radio play Moon Rose live at Shoreditch church mixed by Agate Max. Moon Rose is a collective of twenty or so female performers, singers, musicians and artists who came together to celebrate the Blood Moon Sept 27th 2015. Tune in at 9pm-11pm….





SDNA Wet Sounds 2014


Excerpts from the new opera Teffradot at Wet Sounds Willes Pool Kentish Town.

Starring Welsh undergrounds stars, Steffan Hughes, Ceri Rhys Matthews, Tor Marrock and London based artists Ebe Oke and myself.

Lighting and projections, SDNA

Costume, Amechi Ihenacho, who opens the new boutique, THE PATTERN, 497 Hackney Rd next tuesday, 1st December!








///Candy Shop are set to play at Q-O2 Brussels, ///


Candy Shop Glasgow - Loch




October 2015 


///Teffradot is reviewed by film maker, sound producer and composer, Dan Linn-Pearl. The installation will appear in his new documentary covering sound art in Wales, to be released in 2016 by the independent company Deaf Pictures.


Link to review here.







Teffradot Press Image


///The NEW opera walk, TEFFRADOT opens 18th July – 30th August 2015, Cwm Idwal, Snowdonia



Teffradot is a new opera set in motion by a walking audience in the mountains of Eryri (Snowdonia). Heard via headphones, it relays a modern myth set around Lyn Idwal, the lake at the bottom of a glacial valley. Through song, eight characters, Ceffyl Dwr, Silver Dragon, Butterwort, Sundew, Prince, Rock, Teffradot and Pen Bele, God of Death emerge from water, terra firma, flora and fauna voicing a story of a shape-shifter,  other-world immortals, and the eternal and ephemeral beings of Cwm Idwal.


 More info…






March 2015 



Candy Shop Borealis 2015


Candy Shop Circus at Borealis, Norway. Video highlights here, Candy Shop at 05:44s






8th Mar 2015  




 Umo’s Mantra and A Woman’s Work is Never Done soundtrack, available for listening at the British Music Collection






8th March 2015


A Woman's Work Is Never Done, Eliza Bennet


A Woman’s Work Is Never Done,  a short film by Eliza Bennett, the soundtrack by La Horrox, included in Poulomi Desai’s

online exhibition, A Wo(man)’s Work is Never Done, curated for Sound and Music for International Women’s Day






A Woman's Work Is Never Done, Eliza Bennet


A Woman’s Work Is Never Done – flesh/ thread, a short film by Eliza Bennett, soundtrack by La Horrox.

Currently showing at:

KODE Art Museums of Bergen NO – October 10th 2014 – January 25th 2015

The National Museum of Art Architecture and Design, Oslo NO – February 21st – May 16th 2015



Vocals & electronics  Wet Sounds


Nanterre Paris – 14th Jan 2015

Arpajon Fri 13th Feb 2015
Tremblay Sat 14th Feb 2015
Juisvy Sur  Fri 3rd Apr 2015
Evry Fri 24th Apr 2015
Massey Thu 4th June 2015


Kentish Town Leisure Centre – November 9th 2014








Candy Shop show:

Madrid July 19th 2015 – tbc

Borealis Festival, NO- March 14th 2015


Candy Shop is the project of  Lina Lapelyte in collaboration with Anat Ben-Davies, Angharad Davies, Sharon Gal, Rebecca Horrox, Nouriah Bah and Heidi Heidelberg.

Image: February 2014: Candy Shop review  in The Wire